Graham's Chocolate Fondue at 318

Share a romantic fondue for two with your date, or celebrate your child's birthday with a fun fondue party in one of our upstairs rooms! We love chocolate at 318 Coffeehouse, probably because we were founded by Graham's Chocolate owners, Bob & Beckie Untiedt! At 318, we take Graham's chocolate to the next level with our delicious Chocolate Fondue. Graham's own blend of signature chocolate with dipping items like our homemade marshmallows, angelfood cake, pound cake and chocolate pound cake, fresh fruits and many more items to choose from; you can make your chocolate fondue experience completely unique!

About our Pastry Kitchen

Located upstairs at 318, it's easy to see that our pastry kitchen is where the magic happens. Offering free smells and with a glass picture window, customers can watch as we create everything from scratch, 318 is the perfect place to grab a filled croissant or bacon, egg & cheese muffin in the morning on the way to the train, a yummy sandwich on homemade bread during lunch, and dip our angelfood cake or poundcake in our luscious chocolate while sharing a chocolate fondue for two!

Hosting a Soireé? Special order a layered cake with delicious premium fillings. If you love our homemade ice cream or gelato, you can now order an Ice Cream or Gelato Cake for your special event! We also make cake pops for bridal showers, baby showers or other special occasions.

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." Charles M. Schulz

About our Gelato Kitchen

Our Gelato is made fresh every single day in our kitchen, to give you the true European experience. We have lots of fun flavors which change daily. Gelato is an Italian style of making ice cream. It has a smoother texture and a more robust flavor, and is made with a lower butterfat percentage, but with more sugar. It is churned at a slower speed, so it is denser and less airy than ice cream. We invite you to taste both our gelato at 318 and our homemade Ice Cream at Graham's and decide for yourself which style you like best!